Hotel Konigshof: An Old-charm Fabulous Bar in Munich

Almost every year we travel from London to Austria by car and we take different routes. Invariably we pass by Munich and its always with dread as no matter what day what time of day the motorways around there are always traffic jammed. So we thought we would outsmart the jams and take a flight out on British Airways which has just ushered its horrible M&S service.

Now, however you have to pay and only with Credit cards or Avios? Well to me one of the few advantages travelling of BA was you could get the complimentary drinks and snack What am I bitching since I never eat on these short flights save for the nuts and water? Aside from that a great flight quick passport control and off to make first mistake. Renting a car.

The Avis line went as far back as Munich but being Avis preferred we went up to the front much to the dismay of those waiting. One guy said he had been there an hour! I don’t think that’s right. The car we were given  by a really unfriendly woman . Shame on you Avis for having unhelpful desk people, was parked some way away.

The temperature was -9 but soon rose when the car we were assigned was so bashed at the back with gaping holes.  I just couldn’t believe that Avis would put such a car up, describing it as a minor dent. When I showed the photo to the same unfriendly Avis woman she merely raised her eyebrows and said there was no other car available though we had booked about a zillion years ago. Eventually we did a new car but it was not a pleasant experience. Another hour wasted changing the car and heading of to Munich which of course was traffic logged.

My relief at arriving at Hotel Konigshof was palpable. Reception super friendly and our large Junior suite overlooking the gates of Marienplatz was lovely. This is not grand lux but it was spacious and comfortable with huge windows overlooking the city. The bathroom was to small for me although it was perfectly acceptable. I just love huge bathrooms. Not really sure why.

The first thing we did was go to the bar which is nice warm cosy and had a really nice atmosphere. I could imagine coming after dinner and just chilling out.  As it was I had a Margarita which was ok. Not the best but yummy enough. A selection of wasabi nuts beetroot crisps and nuts were complimentary. Very much liked it.

Next morning we  had breakfast at the restaurant. Michelin star Chef de cuisine Martin Fauster runs it. I had problems with this as to get to it you sort of had to go through what appeared as some conference space. The restaurant itself is beautiful with huge windows over looking the gates of Marienplatz . Buffet style breakfast with a menu to order hot things. This is a five star hotel and I just fail to understand why freshly squeezed juices are not automatically served? The selection of breads and pastries was superb. The gravlax and smoked salmon were of superior quality as was the selection of fruit and a divine prawn cocktail. But it really bothers me the failure of fresh juices.

Overall I would say the quality of the breakfast was excellent and I will stay again.



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