Travel & Stuff

Hold my hand explore the world

Its crazy I am terrified of flying yet I almost live on a plane! Oops I am being rude let me introduce myself. Like a lot of people I have ups downs in my life and its continuous learning curve.

Sometimes I get it right.

Often I just fumble thru.

What I know masses about is travel.

How to choose your destination.

Where to stay.

What places to visit.

How to get that room upgrade.

How to get a late check out.

All and so much more

Come and join me.

Saying goodbye to Rabat by the Rue to Consul Souk.
Nothing beats a thirst quenching while yo stand squeezed juice overlooking the old city.
Can you imagine having this gorgeous bird staring at you while you eat your freshly baked croissants?
I had to stop somewhere in the in Lebanon and take this advert for a  water company
It was pouring with rain and we were stuck inside and then these glorious rainbows appeared.
I just had to take this photo at the Farmers Market in Lawrence USA
There really is nothing like home even when its grey and yucky.
This makes me smile as Disney does things so well. Twee and all.
I am rubbish at languages but I try.
I am actually hiding behind one of those trees at the San alas islands that we had to ourselves.


I fell in love with these islands in Panama.
Life really is there to grasp. Moment by moment.
Crazy shoes bought after a long long lunch.
And its good morning from Morocco