Der Schwarzacher: What went wrong or is it a blip?

I started coming here when it first opened a few years ago and it was love at first sight. Right on the bottom of the slope at Hinterglemm and opposite the meeting point for the skiers. I would go in the morning after dropping off friends lounge on the outside sofas if it was sunny read a book and start with hot chocolate. I liked the vibe , the casual chic and the food. It has an outside bar which pulsates with music après ski and to the side small stalls for fries and snacks and right from the start when it opened it had a really lovely cool feel, relaxing unpretentious but good food. Inside its sumptuous with log fires and upstairs where I go when its cold a wonderful sofa area where you can chill and have one of my favourite aperitifs Hugo a wine spritzer with elderberry syrup. Its my go to place during the day. My heartbeat always drops bye in the middle of the day to have some great dumpling soup while I have their steak tartar which is very good. But oh dear what a disaster the other day . So different from two weeks ago when I went with a group of friends. Then the spare ribs were sticky and succulent the burger plump juicy, the spaghetti bolognaise with just the right amount of mince and simply delicious. The desserts fabulous and as always the service informal but efficient. So this made me really upset when a a few days ago I went there in the afternoon just before the Après Ski hour. It was in the restaurant area fairly full with families and just before the younger crowd comes in. I ordered a veal Schnitzel with parsley potatoes which came in seconds. Not a good sign. It had obviously just been warmed through and was bland and tough. My potatoes were luke-warm and that is me being kind. My guest had ordered the hamburger which he had tried a week earlier and had been raving about. This time along it looked unappetising and was a poor mans version of the weeks before with limp lettuce and cold fries. The hot chocolate was cold and the worst sin of all the Kaiserschmarrn, a hot chunky fluffy pancakes shredded and should be warm and fluffy was horribly cold with not even the pretence of being warmed in a micro oven. The whole experience was really off putting and this place is not cheap. I do so get frustrated when a generally very good place with great food and service lets you down so much. If this had been the first time I came it despite its gorgeous surrounding and great atmosphere I really would have been put off and not come again. I will keep you posted to see if this was just an off day.



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