Hotel Drei Raben or the 3 Ravens. Nuremberg

Getting up early to catch a flight at the crack of dawn in order to drive our car back to London requires I believe rewards.  We had left our car at Munich airport with the view of driving it back through Germany and Netherlands  over 10 days, before taking the ferry back to Harwich. I love these summer tours.  We discover so many pretty villages and great places to stay and eat. Last year we drove through Alsace and the Loire and it was really beautiful. We bought so much local wines and pottery.

Our drive from Munich to Nuremberg, Bavaria was an easy 90 minutes drive and our hotel was in the old medieval town. It was a searingly hot hot day and I was desperate for a shot of ice cold water which is exactly what greeted us when we arrived at the Hotel Drei Raben or 3 Ravens. Our Boutique hotel was in a perfect location just at the beginning of  the old medieval town which was perfect as it meant we could have the car parked for the next few days and walk around this amazing centre with old bridges spanning the river and an old castle.

I think first impressions are really important and I liked this funky simple reception area come bar . The  young staff were super friendly and helpful. Its not a luxury hotel more what I would term as quirky simple with individual touches. Great flower displays, good service. A home away from home

Our room, the Clubs Team of the Century on the first floor had large windows along 2 walls making it super bright,  an air condition and a lovely club foot bath in the room by the window. It also had a quirky game table to play footie! All the suites and rooms are themed so no two are the same.


The bathroom was small but with a really powerful shower. Everything worked and I loved the individuality of the room and the whole charm of this gentle hotel.

Breakfasts were typical of Bavaria. Selection of breads cold meats. cheeses pastries and fruit. Fresh orange juice and you can order eggs bacon or pancakes.

Its a small hotel and I was impressed by the staffs knowledge. We wanted a non touristy restaurant to eat in and Ralf recommended what in english is the Raft,  Zum Flossla which you can read about on my blog.

Nuremberg has a controversial history being the show piece for Nazi Germany with its Rally grounds used for Nazi marches. But its also has the largest toy festival in the world and a great Toy museum.  There is loads of churches and lovely squares full of cafes and markets. We happened to be there at the Truffle season and saw all these wonderful truffles.

Its worth taking a guided tour and there is so much history and I was fascinated by the court rooms where the Nuremberg trails took place. We took a private walking tour which cost 130 Euros and we enjoyed it as the places buildings took a meaning . There is so much history and legend that really we would not have known about. We also took the first day one of those tourist train for forty minutes that took us through the town and over the quaint bridges and city walls. Really enjoyed it as it gives you an overview with nice little titbits. Like the Hangmans bridge where the executioner was not allowed to live in the town as it was considered a distasteful job.

I have done a little blurb on Nuremberg that you might enjoy and find helpful come and join me.IMG_3378




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