Hotel Luxembourg, Paris

Sometimes good fortunes smiles when what seems like a disaster happens. I was hugely frustrated that I couldn’t get a room at L’Hotel and we really wanted to be in the area. I wasn’t in the mood to experiment and I wanted a large room which is not so easy in the boutique hotels in Paris.

After a lot of research and endless calls I settled on Hotel Luxembourg Parc.  I really stumbled onto it by pure chance I was apprehensive and I wasn’t sure how it would work out as I also didn’t really know the area. Well I have to say I liked it so much it has become my regular haunt.

Its is a small boutique 4 star one overlooking the Jardin de Luxembourg. We an fell in love with the location and the Junior suite. Its their largest room with spacious living area and large bathroom. To get to it you have to get out of the lift single file as the corridor is so narrow but once inside the room its really spacious. we think its really good value and  very relaxing.  Because of its location we would go out saunter in the Jardin have a coffee, come back, go shopping come back. It has a very laid homey atmosphere and it suits us perfectly.

There are things that need to be done to the hotel if you are looking for luxury. The lobby is small friendly with a bar but it’s a bit tired. This is made up for by really professional and friendly staff who will bend over backward to help you.

The location right by the Luxembourg Jardin is really great with lots of restaurants cafes bistros and shopping in St Germaine. Everything is close by .  St Suplice is a minute away. The famous St Germaine Cafes Café de Flore and Deux Magots are a five minute walk. I love rue Seine with its markets and restaurants and fabulous gourmet shops. Every other street seems to have a chocolatier and their window displays are just so exquisite.

We have a few regular places that we go to for something to snack on like  Au Petit Suisse a typical corner Bistro or hot chocolate at  Chapon a chocolaterie. There is just so much choice around. I love the cakes at Salon de The Dalloyau. I just pigged out on their coffee Religieuse which is a choux pastry one ball on top of a larger one that looks like a nun , hence the name filled with coffee cream and custard. I say after a huge breakfast in the Jardin Luxembourg ate it all by myself in the sunshine without any guilt whatsoever.

We also loved wondering along the street market at Boulevard port Royal. Fresh sea urchins , oysters, sourced corn fed chickens. Abundance of flowers and fruits. I wished I was living there as I wanted to buy so much of the fresh produce.

One morning we walked through the Parc to Bread and Roses very chi chi place with modern neutral furniture and displays of  rows of single roses . I had scrambled eggs and toasted home bread that was ginormous. Richard had brioche and toast and that to was gigantic.. Next door they have a patisserie and the cakes look absolutely yum.

I always say what makes a place great is the staff and their attitude. I was emailing the concierge endlessly for restaurant reservations, changing my time of arrival. All were met with graciousness and helpfulness. comfortable didn’t like their choice of coffee but again this was changed to different Nespresso capsules

There is a tiny bar at the lobby which is great for post prandial drinks in your room or a glass of champagne. Trust me their drink servings are very generous. There is a breakfast room which is bright and sunny  with the usual offerings.  We on our last trip just use to go out to different places for breakfast as the weather was great and there is an abundant of choice. You can also have breakfast brought up to your room

I do feel that with a few tweaks this really could be almost perfect. I would have liked to see complementary water in the room, maybe some flowers or fruit. Small things irritate me. There was no hair conditioner in the bathroom and the shampoo and bath wash was not always replenished.  On the other had if you asked for anything it was promptly done. Another plus for us is that they are right next to Cuisine de Philippe which we got to know through the hotel and we love love it.

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