Nusr.Et Dubai. Meat with flair and the ‘salt sprinkle’ from Salt Bae.


Everyone was telling me that I ‘simply had to go’ to Nusret.Et. that it was the absolutely best best ever restaurant for meat not simply in Dubai but in the world. That’s a pretty big assertion and it intrigued because these over the top statements came from several sources and as such I was looking forward to it.

I am not much of a meat eater but I have to confess that nothing beats a superb cut of meat like a cotes de boeuf simply grilled served with frites, green beans and salad. The most sublime I ever had was at the bistro in Les sources de Caudalie. I can still taste that charred rare flavour superbly grilled and served and since then no steak has matched up to it. Ever.


So I was excited to go to this place at the four seasons in Dubai. It seems the owner Turkish Nusret Gokce was some sort of YouTube star with salt sprinkle from his shoulder towards the meat which is the signature ‘movement’ of this restaurant. Gokce known as Salt Bae is very very popular on the internet with people even tattooing his face on their bodies and buying Salt Bae t shirt Coming from a humble family he started life as a butcher, ambitious driven young he has opened steak houses all over the Middle East and soon on in a New York.


But what is the meat actually like? The menu is vast with all sorts of choices from lamb to beef and I had heard about ‘try this ‘try this’ that I was relived when our hostess being a frequent visitor took the role of deciding.


We had all sorts of salads to begin with that were fine then a series of beef dishes started coming. Kobe marinated sliced beef ribs chops I mean it was just a feast of all different types of steaks. Succulent tasty I have to confess I was impressed. Our hostess had ordered so much that in the end we had to call a halt.


At some point between margaritas and chips the ruler of Dubai walked in Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid with a group of people. No special fuss was made and the kids were thrilled to be able to take photos with the Sheik. I have to say I was pretty impressed by his casual demeanour and it kind of made this place even more special.


However to me the crowning glory was absolutely the most delicious brilliant Baklava ever. A huge round tray of baklava arrived and this was expertly sliced and then vanilla ice cream sandwiched in. It was mind blowing and this is what I will remember about this wonderful crazy expensive restaurant.


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