May and its time for changes

May be it’s a mad idea but I am planning to turn this blog into a video blog of short video clips of travels funs stuff food fashion . Basically things I enjoy which I think others may. It’s a an evolving work in process.

I travel so so much and I love engaging with people and trying new experiences. While I am learning to do the videos I thought I might add just a little throw back.

Iceland which was so surprising nothing like I expected.. Safari in South Africa which just blew my mind.  India which I am passionate about. The San Blas Island which are heaven on earth, Dominican republic, Panama which is amazing and how could I not love Cuba which I visited just before it opened up. The city of love Paris that reminds me of my student days. Stockholm which is magnificent.

I People often ask me but where did you love the most? I cant answer that  as each and every city and country offered different experience. I was bowled over by Lake Louise in Canada and found  Santé Fe enchanting.  Safari in India for the one horned Rhino and the Tigers of Ramthanborne was so different to Safari in Kruger Park and offered totally different perspectives.

I love Lisbon , the food the people the Fado but I adore Rome. China was nothing like I expected Guilin was just amazing .

I  like good stuff and that doesn’t translate to just expensive. I have had great meals for 15 Euros in Lisbon and also awful food at 300 Euros!. I like luxury hotels but intimate ones rather than huge resorts but in some places the choice is limited and my experience ahs taught me to always do your research. It pays off.


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