There is seafood and theres Restaurant du Port de Peche.

I love my food and its very rare that I cancel anything we ordered because we are so full.

But that is exactly what happened at this awesome Restaurant du port de peche.

Let me start from the beginning. We were hot tired having been stuck in traffic from Rabat to Casa. All we wanted to do was swim. But we were invited and had to go!

In the old port this very much bustling area full of very casual cafes we arrived in this restaurant which has been around for almost 70 years. Very traditional and packed we went to our 2 joined tables. Our host had decreed that those on the round table could imbibe and a jug of sangria was promptly brought to our section of the table. The ban on the long table lasted 2 seconds! Our host gave up trying to sanction the long table with great grace.

the seafood here is fresh fresh fresh. Right outside we could see the fishermen hauling in their catch. We ordered so many starters it was just crazy. Pil pil prawns , divine. Moroccan fishballs in a thick tomato sauce were superb as was the calamari, soft crispy moorish. Spring rolls of minced prawns flavoured with Moroccan spices was beyond delicious. Fried sardines so fresh crispy. Faultless. There was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the dishes. We were so so full that that we canceled the mains and staggered back to our host hose for Tart citron and a sensational cassata. I honestly have no idea how we then managed to go to the old medina ostensibly to look around and ended up having mint and pastries at one of the oldest bakeries.

But that is another story!

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