The Bareiss Hotel in the Black Forest; A Thoughtful Hotel.

 We have wanted to come to the Bareiss Hotel for such a long time but every time we booked we had to cancel at the last minute. We developed through these cancellations a very warm relationship with their administration office. So it was with a great squeal and jump of joy that I agreed to wake up at 4am in the morning and drive through howling winds to Folkestone to get on the Eurotunnel to Calais.

Many hours later with a final drive through hazy mountain roads we finally arrived at the Bareiss Hotel in the Black Forest. Warmly greeted by reception with our car whisked off somewhere.  It was for me enchantment at first sight. Yes it is a typical Alpine hotel and you could take the line once you have been to one you have been to all. Wasn’t there some footballer who walked about the Great Wall of China replied ‘once you have seen one wall you have seen all? Wrong wrong . Most of these chalets are family owned and run and this is no exception. The Bareiss family is very much part of the operation in this luxury hotel which is part of both Relais and Châteaux and La Grande Tables de Mondes.

First things first this hotel is large but has a feeling of intimacy. We were in the main building and our suite with a terrace overlooking both the mountains and village was very comfortable spacious and well thought out. My only teeny tiny grapple was that there was no still water. Complimentary fizzy and Pellegrino in the fridge. A generous bowl of fruit of apples and plums greeted us .The shower was fabulous, powerful large with big fluffy soft robes to snuggle into.

They have loads of restaurants to choose from including Claus-Peter Lumpp 3 star Michelin restaurant The Bareiss . We couldn’t get a table as we had arranged this trip so last minute. I was disappointed but in hindsight it was fortunate as frankly after driving for 12 hours the last thing you want is a long complicated meal. We opted for The Kaminstube run by Chef de Cuisine Wilhelm Himmler. It’s a cosy room with a roaring fire-place. I had a margarita which was ok and then some red wine from the area that was interesting . I had some really good foie gras wrapped in quail which was really yummy. My pheasantt was ok as was my heartbeats cod. Overall the food was ok not memorable but enjoyable. What was absolutely delicious were the breads and lemon and orange infused oils. I bought 2 bottles the next morning .The oils were that good. We also had breakfast there with very good scrambled eggs and mushrooms with herbs and a selection of home-made jams that were to die for and freshly squeezed juices.

They have so many things that you can do here from hiking with a hiking cabin that you can rest in to trout fishing reading in the library or just plain pampering yourself in the spa. With natural water pools massages stem and sauna. They also have a special kids villa where they can play under supervision . You just can’t get bored here with a plethora of choice from cooking classes as well as wine tasting .

We spent an evening in the bar were we sat and listened to some music played by a wonderful pianist. For smokers there is a smokers lounge were you can puff to your heart’s content.

This is a thoughtful hotel that integrates with the community and environment.


I understand that the Bareiss family renovated the old Morlokhof from the 18 century which used to belong to a famous herbalist family and they now grow their own vegetables and herbs there for their kitchens and cosmetic range.

The surrounding area is spectacular with the Black forest National Park but for me what resonated the most was the intimacy that the place creates with both the family and the staff really ensuring that you are made welcome. I think it’s a wonderful place to come and stay a few days to re-charge your batteries.

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