Al Marsa Rabat Morocco

Fabulous location? Tick

Friendly service? Tick

Food? Hit & miss

The first time I went I thought the location wow overlooking the estuary leading to the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty blue fishermen boats. In the distance the old medina. Pure Magic.

But OMG, the food was a disaster, dry unappetising fish, shrivelled mussels and a passable tuna tartar!

But as life goes I  ended up there again with family  simply for the view and to be in the re-developed marina.

What a surprise. Our starters were very very good. A fabulous seafood platter with lobster, clams, razor clams, mussels, octopus, salmon, big fat oysters. Absolute yum.

This Spanish restaurant is known for its paella and we ordered back rice with squid ink that was sensational and a seafood paella which was fine. The carpaccio of tuna and mini fried sole were so so fresh that you could taste the sea. I was amazed.

IMG_5488By this time we were very merry on  on Campari and rose that we thought why not have some pudding?

Chocolate fondant. Yum

Creme Brûlée Yum yum

We ended up the day by going to the walled city of Odayas were some were brave enough to have their hands drawn on to with henna.

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