I never really thought of Germany as a tourist place or that it had anything to offer! How wrong can you get it?

I really go to know Germany through our drives from London to Austria. Richard would always take different routes our rational being the journey is just as important  rather than actually getting there. As I slowly got to know the country side  and cities I came to recognise how stunningly beautiful the country is.  We have stayed in some gorgeous boutique hotels in Baden Baden , Heidelberg, Dresden and Munich just to name a few.

I also came to realise that Germany has some of the most innovative restaurant scene. Munich has loads of Michelin star restaurants as well as some very very good local eateries. In the old town lots of  restaurants serving traditional Bavarian food. The first time I stayed in Munich it was the white asparagus season and I never have eaten asparagus in so many different ways. I love their speciality shops and I am always picking up things food wise I have never across before. The range of mustard is phenomenal.

We have stayed both in the Old Town and just outside Marienplatz which is the old part of Munich that is great for walking about in. We love just meandering about  seeing the Old Town hall Rathaus which always has us in giggles because of the name. There you can see and its well worth making the effort  the Glockenspiel. This quite a marvel it chimes at 11 and it tells the story of the marriage of the Duke Wilhelm V and its followed by a second folklore Schäfflertanz (the coopers‘ dance). Apparently it has 43 bells and 32 figures. I haven’t counted.

Munich is in Bavaria and the home of many industries including BMW.  It also has a lively art scene and of course Oktoberfest the beer festival.  This as the name suggests is in October and it’s a time where the city is taken over by beer.  Beer Tents are set up by the breweries  and there is folk dancing  enormous pretzels Bavarian food and it seems as if the whole world descends to Munich. Its always better to reserve before you go. There are many different tents.

I have a love hate relationship with it in the sense that no matter when you go the getting in and out of Munich is a nightmare. We always seem to get stuck in traffic jams. If you love art cultural architects and food Munich is great place to go and spend a weekend.

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