August and its family Time, with a dose of Beauty

Foot Love
A perfect pedicure

Its been a mad hectic July travelling to Morocco, the USA, London and finally settling in Rabat for  a family summer. I am so so involve with the country. So much to do see explore. Its really great for everyone.

I am staying at a gorgeous place, the home of my Aunt and we spend the days swimming in the pool, going exploring, eating amazing food fresh cooked and shopping in the souks.

I was just bowled over by the  awesome beauty products here . There are so many brilliant bands that I will tell you about later but I am loving the Savon Noir  a great body scrub that comes in all sorts of different combinations  and Rhassoul which they use all over the body and hair to make it smooth soft and shiny.

Morocco has beacon really famous for its Argan oil and I am a huge huge fan of Apia. Their products are all Bio. I  am using their Arganoil with rose  for my face its fabulous.

I think we always forget to look after our feet and I was so impressed Jerrapieds a foot massage oil by Jerraflore that i went and met the owner, Khadija Benbrahim, a brilliant chemist who developed a whole range  of  natural products. I am just about to try the Chocolate Cannelle Agile

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In the  meanwhile a happy happy summer and I will catch up with you later and tell you how my travels through Germany and Holland went.There a lot coming up. You can catch up with me @mona_moments

The souks.

The sites.

The food.

The amazing beauty products.


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