AS Janelas Verdes: Lisbon

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It lacks personality but charming in its own way.

Sometimes I just really want to go to a place and take it over because it just has so much potential that I feel is not being used. As Janelas Verdes is something of a conundrum. Its clearly much loved by its clientele which is made up of 50 something and it has repeat customers. Its an easy hotel. Relaxed but rather worn in a great surrounding. The building itself is just magnificent with so much character and potential. But but I get so frustrated as this is a building just shouting history romance adventure yet everything is rather tired in a careless way.

I just don’t get the profusion of silk flowers. They are everywhere and quite ugly. Lots of nice pieces of furniture but just put in a careless way. Its not that the staff don’t care. You couldn’t actually get a nicer staff when you do see them which is rare. Its all impersonal which is rather sad as there is so many pieces shouting for care and attention. I have stayed here several times and I do like it I guess because its quirky. I always choose a room overlooking the river and they tend to be large but impersonal. The bathrooms are again a little tired and need some updating. If I make this place sound tired it is but nevertheless its charming and has a very comfortable homey atmosphere.

From the outside there is a discreet door so its like entering your own home as you press a doorbell. Its not a luxury or sumptuous hotel and that’s ok but if I got my hands on it I would make it so that its had its own personality and style which it really lacks right now. In the summer it has a gorgeous courtyard for breakfast which is fine with fresh orange juice fruits breads and scrambled eggs. There is throughout the day a table laid inside with fruit coffee and tea machine as well as an honesty bar for wine and drinks that you help yourself with. In the winter there is a dining area that is cosy and charming with the sound of an internal waterfall in the background.

It’s a series of hickeldy pickeldy rooms and there are always surprises as you turn the corner but overall I just don’t think that the management has thought through their image or atmosphere and it has an air of just being there for no reason if that makes sense. They have an absolutely stunning bar on the top floor with a terrace which is utterly gorgeous. Again it functions on the honesty system and its hugely relaxing and quiet.

That is what attracted me to the hotel in the first place as its lovely to sit up there and just while the day away. I just feel so frustrated that such a lovely gorgeous property is rather impersonal. It doesn’t need to be made Luxe but it does need some character and style of its own which I feel it really lacks. It also needs a cohesive purpose of what its offering. It does have room service but its rather pedestrian and boring. I will stay again as in a rather odd way it has some peculiar appeal and I love the Lapa area in Lisbon with its quiet streets and unexpected restaurants and bars.

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