And its February

I always find February an iffy month. Its struggling to find an identity, neither winter or spring so it was with delight and excitement that I accepted an unexpected trip to Rabat in Morocco.

Even though the weather was not great with some hail thunderstorms and rain, the light when the sun came out was simply fabulous. I just loved the profusion of colour from the orange tree lined streets . It just made me smile and I got so addicted to the pungent freshly pickled mandarins that tasted well like mandarins and not like the horrible watery ones you get in London.

And of course the food here is just so great. I was staying in my aunts house and she has simply the most incredible cook called Fatima. Every day national dishes from Chicken Tagines with olives, cous cous, pulled beef, to chicken braised with apples and pears were a delight both to the eyes and the stomach. I had the most incredible mini pastilla which is layers of filo pastry ever that was home made encasing shredded pigeon cinnamon egg sugar and almonds. This unusual combination really works. It was fabulous . I loved the contrasting tastes of sweet and sour which is prominent in Moroccan cuisine. Basically I spent my time drinking min tea and watching Fatima prepare and cook these dishes, always with the freshest spices and vegetables and fruits in season. In all honesty the food was so good, that I did not want to go out and try the restaurants.

I did however go to the most gorgeous pastry shop in Rabat , Maymana. The shop is set in a garden with water gently trickling by and the freshly made Moroccan sweets are so pretty and delicious. I stocked up on walnut biscuits, pastries stuffed with almonds and a sticky triangle stuffed with nuts and dipped in honey. Delicious and great gifts.

I was sad to leave but all things alas have to come to an end. Saying bye to north Africa and making a promise to myself that I will head back later in the year I flew to Salzburg and headed to Hinterglemm before heading off to Vienna.

Will keep you posted on what I did there the restaurants the opera and the hotel.

Bye till March



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