July and all it’s glories.




July always brings a frisson  of excitement – a throwback from childhood when it was a sign of the forthcoming holidays. I still get excited by July even though I am well past school age.   Thus  month I am going back to Morrocco that I have  seriously fallen in love with and I am hoping to learn some traditional cooking methods. 

I had a great June in the USA staying first @ritzcarlton in Orlando which is really surreal make- up land that works though maybe not to everyones taste but I had a good time lazing by the pool and eating a really good wagu burger @thekitchen in @JWMarriot. Coming soon.

Then we drove to Charleston in South Carolina and stayed @Plantersinn a @relaischateaux boutique hotel which was lovely.  Friendly professional  staff with a  great location but it could up its house keeping service up. Read my story on it.

Finally ended up in Lawrence Kansas an utterly quaint easy to chill in university town. 

Really looking forward to August when we will do our yearly car tour in Europe. Probably the last in our present day #mercedez which is in its last legs being 30 plus years old.   This year we are tootling through Germany and Holland staying in hopefully fabulous places eating great food and  trying some German wines I will tell you all next month.

 I would love to hear from you if you stayed anywhere you feel  really was  outstanding in service or location or just because!

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