Villa René Lalique: Sublime Beauty and Perfection

Stay and Eat at the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Wingen Sur Moder


I confess that I have always been a fan of Lalique crystal. I didn’t know much about its history just that I loved the pieces and grew up in a home that was dotted with crystal birds and statues.

I never realised that Rene Lalique designed jewellery for some of the most prestigious French jewellery houses , Boucheron and Cartier just to name a couple. He loved colour and reflection and sometimes in the late 1890’s he began experimenting with glass. He won accolades, awards and was renowned for his innovation and creativity. Working with Coty the perfumer he created perfume jars. I saw the 2017 special edition of perfumes in limited edition glass bottles and they are to die for.

I wanted to go to Villa Rene Lalique because I had heard of the museum nearby  and I was really surprised to know about Renes’ amazing history . To be in the villa that he loved with  family photos from the last century on the walls was really moving.

Winger sur Moder seemed to be in the middle of almost nowhere. We drove for miles through villages passing rivers crossing between France and Germany  till we finally arrived.

The area is lovely and the Villa Rene Lalique is breathtaking set in beautiful grounds.

We were really warmly welcomed and the first thing that strikes you is the absolute perfection of well everything. This place is styled to an inch of its life. Even the room keys are spectacular set in steel leather and Lalique crystal.

There are only 6 suites and we had Dahlia which was all cream filled with stunning Lalique lights. Everything was simply perfect. From the Lalique bath products to the raspberry cake and champagne that was brought up to our room.

There a simply nothing to fault but just as important was the atmosphere which was very warm and just invited you to relax. There Is nothing stuffy even though the surrounding from the furniture to the tables were sumptuous and luxurious.

We had reserved a table at their restaurant  run by chef Jean Georges Klein who has  2 Michelin stars.

Its really hard to get a Michelin star . You have to as a chef be brilliant and there is no question that here our food was amazing innovative and presented in a spectacular manner. In general I find that its about the whole experience, the expectation,  the service, the way things are plated and served. Attention to detail is paramount and here the chef really stretched the boundaries. Cold with hot salt with sweet. It was just a series of delightful challenges to the palate.

We went for the creation menu we could chose your own options. And this enabled both of us to try each others food.

I am not even going to go into the amuse bouche which we tried as there are no words that I know that can justify the unusual tastes. it was amazing.  The silver egg and the way it was served was just so much fun. I drooled over my sea bass crevice that was just a plate of pure art and taste.

This was followed by a blue lobster chartreuse and the wow of colour of the orange foam was very vivid. My heartbeat had the pigeon that was soft tender and delicious. I had the veal with pea puree and this was followed by Klein’s signature dish of  Potatoe and truffle Cappuccino.

The whole meal and surroundings were magnificent. I loved the huge flower vases with orchids and the Lalique crystal panels that hung down in the room. The service of course was faultless and the Sommelier was brilliant in pairing the wines. I always find that its worth trying different wines in these places as their cellars are just fantastic.

I ended the meal with Cherries in various textures which was light rich filling . I couldn’t really eat the petit fours but despite being full and because I am greedy I took a bite of each one. Fabulous. Yes its formal but its not stuffy and it was fun watching other diners relax as the meal went on. The only thing I would have changed is the piped music that they had in the background. I didn’t feel it added anything.

I loved this place. The Hotel and the restaurant. A one night stay was perfect as I think its too easy to become used to being over indulged. We chose to have our breakfast on the terrace and even then the way my perfectly boiled egg was served was  a feast for the eye.

As we were leaving we were told about their sister place that had just opened Chateau Hochberg  which has 14 rooms and a bistro  and more reasonably priced as villa Rene Lalique is expensive but well worth it



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